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How to Order

Explore Our Gifting Selection

Following Washington DC Initiative 71, recreational flower isn’t available for sale, but it can be gifted. Take a look at our gifting menu and choose your preferred art prints. You can either order through the online menu, or text us at (202) 670-7316
to place your delivery or pick up.

Submit Your Order

Text us your order, along with a selfie featuring a valid ID such as your Driver’s License or Passport. Share your desired delivery time and location with us at (202) 670-7316. Delivery typically takes up to 1 hour from order confirmation. Our delivery area encompasses D.C

Out for Delivery

Please note that we can’t deliver to federal or local government properties. Once your order is out for delivery, the driver will connect with you to provide an estimated time of arrival. For Art prints purchases, prepare exact cash as the driver won’t have change or extra gifts.

DC Cannabis Delivery

Looking for cannabis delivery in DC? The Gallery DC is a Washington D.C. cannabis collective offering a huge online menu of top-quality cannabis products. Not only will you find many potent strains of cannabis flower, but you can also check out a selection of cannabis concentrates, carts, drinks, disposable cannabis vapes, and more.

You can browse all our cannabis products online and even read helpful product descriptions and reviews. The delivery process is quick and simple and you can get your favorite cannabis products sent straight to your door. You can also benefit from a range of enticing perks and deals when you join our VIP program.

Shroom Delivery In DC

Cannabis isn’t all that our collective offers. If you’re interested in psychedelic mushrooms, you can also browse our shrooms menu. These fascinating fungi are known for delivering a range of psychotropic effects. They can enhance your mood, enliven your senses, and even open your mind to new perspectives.

We have many popular strains of shrooms on offer, including Golden Teachers and Penis Envy magic mushrooms. You can also find convenient shroom-infused capsules and edibles, such as Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars, Magic Mushroom Capsules, and even Magic Syrup. These products are also available for delivery throughout DC.

How DC Cannabis Delivery Works

The Gallery DC operates in compliance with DC Initiative 71 and DC Initiative 81. We DO NOT sell any cannabis, mushroom, or psychedelic products on this website. Instead, we sell a physical tarot card complete with a free gift of cannabis or magic mushrooms.

Adults in DC aged 21 or over are free to donate to our cannabis collective. Everyone who donates to our collective can receive these gifts along with their special tarot card. Some of these tarot cards even feature discounts for future orders.

Why Choose The Gallery DC?

The Gallery DC is the best DC collective for cannabis delivery. Our menu features various high-quality cannabis strains and products available exclusively to our donors. Our menu also features some of the best magic mushroom strains and products, widely sought after by psychonauts.

Cannabis and shroom delivery is exceptionally swift and convenient with The Gallery DC. When you make your order, you’ll receive the products you desire as special gifts along with an exclusive tarot card.

The Gallery DC has long been used as a symbol of royalty and exclusivity. As such, we focus on delivering top-notch products with exceptional service. The Gallery DC is also a common theme in cannabis, with many exotic strains featuring rich, distinctive The Gallery DC pistils.

About The Gallery DC

“The Gallery DC is proud to align with the principles of DC Initiative 71 and DC Initiative 81. It’s important to note that we do not facilitate the sale of cannabis, mushrooms, or psychedelic products on our platform. Instead, we offer a distinctive experience through the purchase of our exclusive art prints, each accompanied by a complimentary gift of cannabis or magic mushrooms.

Every contribution to our collective entitles you to a unique art print, some of which feature exciting discounts for your future orders! Beyond being a hub for artistic expression, The Gallery DC embodies both regality and the epitome of premium cannabis strains.

Join Our VIP Program

For extra perks, you can also become a The Gallery DC VIP. Our VIP program is free to join and gives you access to additional discounts, exclusive drops, and a $10 discount. You’ll also get customer loyalty points and a free gift on your birthday.You won’t want to miss out on these special deals and perks. You can join our VIP program online or simply scan the QR code on your smartphone. Joining is quick, easy, and completely free.

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